From the Craftsman

Throughout my professional career, I have always fed my soul through craftsmanship. Years as a silversmith transitioned to carpentry; carpentry transitioned to fine furniture. I now turn wooden bowls designed with a purpose: working wood. I try to balance artistry and purpose—amplifying the beauty of the wood I am turning and still encouraging its everyday use.

I use a bowl's final shape, its weight and size—its tactile qualities—to complement artistry and function.

I think of turning now as art in motion—art at 1000 revolutions per minute you might say—with each bowl as a unique and distinctive finished piece available to use and enjoy.

I am a member of the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, Northwest Woodturners and the American Association of Woodturners. Each is a great group of men and women encouraging a craftsman to master their craft.

If you are interested in purchasing a bowl from my current inventory or if you have a specific design/production request, please contact me by email or phone/text. My current inventory, as you can see from the gallery photos, offers a diverse selection of wood species, sizes and shapes. As to special orders, I am happy to work with your particular interests and offer suggestions where I can.

I can also let you know the date and location of my next fair.